Monday, August 27, 2012

Frayer Model for Interactive Notebooks

I've been trying to think of how I am going to address vocabulary in my Interactive Notebooks with my Geometry classes.  A quick search and this seemingly innocent site appeared.  At first, I wasn't going to bother looking at the document provided as it is an Elementary Science site.  So glad I did.  It is filled with wonderful examples of foldables and vocabulary strategies.

I decided to start with the Frayer Model.  I've used it in the past and am very familiar with it.  (Hey, I'm already taking on Interactive Notebooks this school year, why add something else to my plate.)  Below is a template I created in Pages.  Pretty basic.  I have over 150 students this year and am trying my best to conserve paper.  It prints 6 per page with a 1/2" margin all around.
Download here.

Here's the SUPER COOL part ....

Many time students spell the vocabulary words incorrectly and I wanted to avoid this by typing the words on the models before printing.  I was going to create a text box in the middle of each model and then type in each vocabulary word.  Easy enough.  As I was staring at my already typed vocabulary list, I was asking myself how I could get those vocabulary words onto that template magically.  (Yep, literally talking out loud with odd looks from my family.)  Suddenly a light bulb went on.  Numbers!  I could use import my Pages template into Numbers and merge my vocabulary words into the model.  (FYI - Pages is like Word and Numbers is like Excel on a Mac.)

Here's what the document looks like ...

When you click on the Vocab #1-6 sheet in the upper left, here's what you end up with ...

You can import up to 24 words and then print 4 pages.  I'm thinking I will a print for word list for each chapter.  They still need to write the word on the front (after they fold) so they are getting practice spelling and writing the word correctly.

I'm sure there is a way to create something similar in Word using Excel, but I found it easier with Numbers.

By the way I use a similar method for my class roster and seating charts.  Enter the names and they automatically appear on the seating chart.  It's pretty awesome.   Like Excel, but LOVE Numbers!!

You can download the zipped file here.  It's in the Interactive Notebook folder.  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crazy Eight Puzzle

I am in LOVE with this puzzle.  Thank you Math in the Middle for this activity.  (Below is a printable puzzle I created.)  My Geometry students are going to love this simple, yet challenging puzzle.

Download HERE

  • Eight crazy families have lost each other at an amusement park and your job is to reunite them.

Get Ready 
  • Print pages 2 and 3 back-to-back. 
  • Fold along the dotted lines. 
  • Cut along the solid lines.

Now What
  • Fold your paper all different ways until you have four boxes containing the same number.
  • Continue folding until you have successfully matched up numbers 1 - 8.

You can download this activity here.  Thanks for visiting!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

I sank with planning my Interactive Notebook

My students will be using a spiral notebook for class, so I thought I would start creating a sample/planner Interactive Geometry Notebook for myself.  Everything was going great until I realized I wanted to reorder a few lessons.  Ugh! 

I decided to use a 3-Ring binder with loose leaf and page protectors for my "Master" Interactive Notebook.  This way I can reorder pages and completely revise a page if an idea pops up or I've made an error.  We'll see how this works.  My hope is to add my own reflections on what worked, what didn't and what I would like to change for next year.  I wasn't sure if I could do that in a spiral notebook.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Diving in with Interactive Notebooks

**I'm still getting the hang of this whole blog thing.  Sorry for any inconveniences.**

This year I am going to require my Geometry students to take advantage of an Interactive Notebook.  I am VERY excited and a bit nervous about this adventure.  I have spent hours searching the internet for resources. 

THANK YOU to the following websites and their authors/contributors!  I learned so much and without your knowledge I wouldn't have known where to begin.

I compiled, printed, and sorted countless resources from various sites. Then, I adapted them to fit my classroom and personality.  Again, THANK YOU!  I feel more confident and comfortable with the idea of Interactive Notebooks.

My goal is to post as many printables, activities, foldables, and ideas as possible.  (My students will be using a college ruled spiral notebook.)

Please visit often and share your thoughts.  I would love any advice you have to offer.  Let the journey begin .....

Explanation of Sides and Cornell Notes
These will be taped into their notebooks.

Grading Rubric & Notebook Reflections
I am going to print these back-to-back and will be grading after each unit of study.

Self-Evaluation & Peer-Evaluation
I'm going to print these back-to-back and will be use periodically before the end of each unit.

Key Parts to the Interactive Notebook
I really like this as a first lesson.  Print back-to-back.  Try one first to make sure it copied correctly.  Prints two per page.

Cut Solid - Fold Dotted 

My students are going to get tired of me saying the above phrase.  LOL.  This activity was adapted from Math Teacher Wiki which also has a picture of the finished product. 

You can download all documents here.  Thanks for visiting!

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